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A Call for Change in Teaching Methods

A Call for Change in Teaching Methods
  • AI is becoming increasingly advanced, and this could pose a problem for the education system which has not evolved to keep up.
  • Former teacher and writing coach Peter Laffin believes that AI doing schoolwork could blow up the curriculum as we know it.
  • OpenAI recently released a chatbot, ChatGPT, which can generate essays at any grade level-- making it easy for students to cheat undetected.
AI Bots Doing Schoolwork Could Possibly Blow Up the Education System: Says Former Teacher
Writing coach Peter Laffin believes that with AI getting smarter each day, teachers must evolve their teaching methods

Two takeaways for teachers

Takeaway 1:

It is important for teachers to be aware of the potential for AI to automate and render obsolete certain aspects of the education system, particularly in regards to how student essays are graded.

As OpenAI has already released ChatGPT, a chatbot that can generate fully composed essays at any grade level, teachers must remain vigilant in order to prevent students from taking advantage of this technology in order to cheat on their assignments.

Teachers should also be mindful that this kind of technology could quickly become more sophisticated and advanced, so it is essential that they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to monitoring student work.

Takeaway 2:

In order for teachers to effectively respond to and address the changing nature of the education system brought about by AI technologies such as ChatGPT, they should research and understand what these technologies are capable of and use them as an opportunity to help shape their curriculum.

For example, using automated essay grading tools can help focus teacher's attention on providing more individualized feedback while tapping into the power of AI-driven analytics can provide greater insight into student’s learning progress over time.

Educators should strive to incorporate these kinds of technologies into their classrooms in order to keep up with modern advancements despite increasingly limited resources.