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AI Watermarking, Predictions, Worry

In today's edition, we find many headlines and articles related to themes of worry, fear, and chaos.
AI Watermarking, Predictions, Worry
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Greetings LeadingEdge members! In today's edition, we find many headlines and articles related to themes of worry, fear, and chaos. This is likely predictable for any new technology. I also believe it will be short-lived. My greater concern is that we shift to an extreme of banning, highly restricting, and curbing AI's operations.

Was this made by a human or computer? Now that the world has become aware of the power and magnitude of AI writing, there are some that believe we need to label the creator. Do you think this a good or bad idea?

OpenAI’s attempts to watermark AI text hit limits
OpenAI is working on a way to watermark text, according to a guest researcher working at the lab. But it’s limited in key ways.

Prediction of AI's future. Timothy Schoup predicts that by 2025 to 2030 at least 99% to 99.9% of internet content will be created by AI technologies such as GPT-3.

99.9% of Content Will Be AI-Generated by 2025: Does Anyone Care? | HackerNoon
Soon AI bots will create 99.9% of all content on the internet. This creates serious problems for free thinking and creativity. Can we solve these problems?

Doom and gloom. Some people say that in the future there will be a moment when machines become smarter than humans and can make their own decisions. This moment is called the technological singularity. Some people think this could be a good thing, but others are worried about what might happen next.

How we will coexist with a general AI
According to Ray Kurzweil, the not-so-distant future for us is a singularity. There are many types of them to be confused about; they are…

Ever wondered what you'd look like if you lived in different eras? C'mon, you know you have! Here's some fun news, now you can!

Transformeer jezelf in een historisch figuur met behulp van alledaagse foto’s - MyHeritage
AI Time Machine™ from MyHeritage: create stunning AI-generated images of yourself as you would have appeared throughout history

AI is rattling the nerves of the higher ed community. ChatGPT, the newest chatbot on the market, has caused quite a stir! Praised by many as a major leap forward for Artificial Intelligence, it offers realistic and entertaining conversation in response to your language inquiries. Some people, however, have raised concerns about how this technology might be misused in academic settings. Will ChatGPT revolutionize web search, or will it raise more questions than it can answer?

New bot ChatGPT will force colleges to get creative to prevent cheating, experts say
Those who work with AI in their classrooms said they’re not panicking about ChatGPT, which went viral after its launch last week.
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