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More ChatGPT Hysteria, Silenced Students, Rytr Away

In today's edition we look at a few stories reglated to AI and ChatGPT which dominates the headlines.
More ChatGPT Hysteria, Silenced Students, Rytr Away
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Hello gang! It's Jim from LeadingEdge and in today's edition we look at a few stories reglated to AI and ChatGPT which dominates the headlines. And don't forget to take a look at the Rytr AI-content writing tool. It's significantly more affordable than other platforms and cranks out great output, too.

Artificial Intelligence

AI out of control? I'm sure you find it very reassuring when a headline reads, "scientists can't explain...". Yeah, me neither.

Scientists Increasingly Can’t Explain How AI Works
AI researchers are warning developers to focus more on how and why a system produces certain results than the fact that the system can accurately and rapidly produce them.

ChatGPT and contexualized learning. Teachers can better facilitate learning if they contextualize information for their students. Contextualizing content helps to engage and motivate learners by connecting the new material to something that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable, which in turn supports students in absorbing and applying the information more effectively.

Personalize Teaching with ChatGPT
How can we Personalize Teaching with ChatGPT? Is the chatbot just a way to let kids cheat or something we can leverage to finally do what technology promised... personalize learning for students? Personalized learning is NOT being self paced. Let it be personalized to the student.

Digital Learning

Students catching-up on their Zzz's? One of the trickiest parts of online course development involves student engagement. In 2018, academics from the University of Southern Queensland recognized that engagement rested on five key elements (social, cognitive, behavioral, collaborative and emotional). They proposed a framework that is still useful for online teachers, learning designers and trainers in building strategies to improve online student engagement.

Five key elements that drive student online engagement
A framework that links social, cognitive, emotional, collaborative and behavioural motivators can help educators promote student engagement

Education World

The next silenced generation. An emerging trend on college campuses is the cessation of classroom discourse and dialogue. According to a recent study, nearly half of student respondents admitted to purposely withholding from course discussion in fear of potential backlash. That may not be healthy for a democratic republic if citizens are hesitant to share views in fear of consequences.

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